Lights On 2020

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, NCDT are unable to host our annual ‘Lights On’ event at Newlands Activity Centre in Romanno Bridge – so instead we have decided to go big with a plan to fill the whole area with festive light and cheer. 

We want to encourage as many people in the area as possible to commit to displaying a rainbow of lights in their gardens, on their house exterior or in their house windows and create a common theme from Lamancha to Blyth Bridge.

We want to remind folk as they travel to the shops, to work, or look out of their windows of the volunteers and workers in our area who have kept us safe over the past year. 

To show our support for everyone who has had to work through Covid-19 we are suggesting people display a rainbow of lights over Christmas and the New Year period.

Newlands StageCraft Crew have created low cost lighting ideas and outdoor kits which you can purchase via NCDT or refine these ideas and come up with your own display.   

Event planning

For maximum impact, we suggest that everyone tries to turn their lights on at 17:00 on Sunday 29th November 2020.

Obviously, you will want to install and test them before this date. It would also be good if you could commit to having the lights on from dusk until 10pm each evening.

Using a timer plug or equivalent can save energy and make sure they’re only illuminated when they need to be. 

Option 1

LED Flood Wash

Red Yellow, Green and Blue wash. 

Use to uplight or downlight a visible wall or other feature to make a rainbow effect.  

A complete kit, including 5m of cable, can be supplied for £42.

The approximate power consumption is 40w.

Option 2

Rainbow Rope Lighting 

Use to arrange in a rainbow, around, over, or wherever you would like.

You may need to fasten the rope lights to try and maintain the rainbow effect. 

A complete kit is available at £43 for 1m of length and connections.

It is then £15.60 per metre for additional length. 

Average power consumption is around 80w per metre. 

Option 3

DIY Rainbow Projection 

If you have a video projector, use the projector to project rainbow image or video  through a window on to the ground, or an external wall.

Try out different images to see what effects you can achieve.

You could also try animating the rainbow. 

Cost and power consumption – variable!


Option 4

DIY Rainbow Strip 

Using a strip or sheet of scrap wood, drill holes in it in lines, and then push fairly lights through the holes.

Must be outdoor and waterproof fairy lights if using outside.   

Usually fairy lights are 4 colours, so you will need four holes per position.

They are often not in Red Yellow Green Blue order etc., so you may have to have the strip slightly narrower, to pass backwards and forwards.

Put lights through holes. Glue with hot melt glue if you require. The length of wire between each light will determine how wide a rainbow you can make.  

Easiest and most environmentally friendly is to use cardboard if you can keep the lights dry – maybe put them in a window. 

The cost of this is anything from £5 upwards – or less If you already have the lights! 

The power consumption can vary depending on the light size etc, but anything from a few watts up to 10w or so.

We can supply a 200 set of Red, Orange, Blue, Green for approx £9.


Technical support and ordering kits

If you require additional information, technical help or would like to discuss ordering a Rainbow kit please get in touch with the Newlands StageCraft crew via the following email link.

Thank you for helping out! 

NCDT are happy to receive donations of any lights after the event for future use at Lights On events.

The Legal and Safety Bit 

Always make sure that External lights are plugged into a circuit protected by a Residual Current Breaker (RCD).

Always use lights and fixtures which are designed for external use.

Do not allow connections to be immersed and do not use standard 13 Amp plugs or indoor LED transformers outdoors unless in an appropriate enclosure designed explicitly for external use.

If any cables become damaged, immediately disconnect and stop using the lights.

Similarly, please take extreme care if working at heights. Ladders are extremely dangerous and we would recommend, wherever possible, that you install lights from ground level for maximum impact.

If you are unsure in any way, please get in touch with Newlands StageCraft Crew – 

You must take responsibility for your own safety and be extremely careful.